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Ophelia (Fire Emblem: Fates) WIP -  Thigh Highs


Ophelia (Fire Emblem: Fates) WIP -  Thigh Highs

I (mostly) finished Ophelia’s thigh highs today! Like I mentioned in my last update I ended up lengthening them for the final version. I also stole an idea from @skinnybaras to finish the edges off with elastic and since I’m adding glitter to literally anything I can add glitter to in this costume I chose glitter elastic :,D

As I mentioned - I made them using this tutorial on sewing thigh highs to power mesh so they don’t fall down. One leg took 2 WHOLE HOURS to just sew the design on. I hated it but after I saw how it looked I was really pleased with how it turned out :,) 

In the one reference where you can clearly see her shoes it looks like they’re stirrups. I spent a LONG time overthinking how stirrup leggings worked when a friend mentioned that you could just cut a hole in lengthened leggings and it’s basically the same thing OTL So that’s what I did.

Anyway all I have left to do for the leggings is add the yellow part and I’m done! I’ve still got a few things to finish for the rest of the costume but I’m slowly getting there :,D