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Ophelia (Fire Emblem: Fates) WIP - Cape


Ophelia (Fire Emblem: Fates) WIP - Cape

I actually started progress on this a while before I started this blog and made 4 mockups before I started the real thing - one full mockup and 3 other ones to get a better fit :P And it’s why I was pretty much able to whip this out in 3 days since I’ve literally already done it 4 times before.

Obviously the above cape is still a WIP and un-ironed but I’m pretty okay with how it’s turning out. Since all the references I can find for Ophelia are pretty inconsistent I took some ahem creative liberties:

  • Instead of painting the triangles on the middle panel I wanted to add some depth so I used studs instead
  • Ophelia’s hair covers most of the back of the cape so I based the design off the concept art for dark mages - ie. the caplet, triangles, and tassel. 

When I finish the whole thing (and when I have time again) I’ll go more into detail how I patterned this thing out :o