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Cosplay: Looking Back 2012 - 2016


Cosplay Looking Back: 2012 - 2016

You know how artist make that chart of their art over time? I wanted to do the same thing with my costumes over the years :o

First Row: 
Lightning (Etro Armor) (Final Fantasy XIII-2) - Photo by Ger Tysk (2012)
Gaige (Borderlands 2) - Photo by DHC Photography (2013)

Second Row:
Mirai Kuriyama (Kyoukai No Kanata) - Photo by Nance M. (2014)
Nah (Fire Emblem: Awakening) - Photo by Photopomp (2015)

Third Row:
Lightning (Moogle Queen) (Lightning Returns) - Photo by Nance M (2015)
Leliana (Dragon Age: Inquisition) - Photo by Cosmic Garden (2016)

More of me being self-indulgent  and reflecting on stuff under the cut :P

I started out as an “armor cosplayer” since I wasn’t too comfortable with a sewing machine yet. I actually wasn’t comfortable with a sewing machine for a long time and was actually kind of afraid (literally) of using it OTL

It’s interesting to see how my earlier years (First Row) were mostly armor and modified parts then I started to take on more actual sewing projects - the first that I was actually kind of proud of being Mirai (Second Row).

I cheated for what I felt like what my ‘best’ was for 2015 since I adored wearing Nah and Moogle Queen Lightning (Second and Third Row) and also spent a lot of time and effort on both of them. Nah was made with lots of help from Barracuda while Moogle Queen was made entirely by me. I think this is when I decided to take one more complicated costumes sewing wise.

Leliana was originally meant to be a Maybe Someday™ cosplay but I don’t actually remember what made me think no - you have to do it now.  It was definitely the most complicated thing I’ve made so far since it involves uh a weirdly shaped chainmail dress thing, armor, lots of thick leather, and basically patterning everything out on my own. This was also the first costume I enjoyed making without resentment for the thing :P It was fun! I’m not entirely 100% happy with but I think it came out pretty cool :o