written in college as part of an application for SPECIALTY housing for writers. Finalized for class EN304: Writing of Poetry (Boston University)
for my brother.

Beloved at birth,
Blind and naïve
The saint, the messenger
Taught me affection
Felt strange in my arms
This boy, this child I adored

Together we played
Fragile hands in mine, rough
I, learned patience
He, careful to listen
The apostle, boy in linen
The game, a nine-day’s wonder

Then found his own sight
Sounded the horn
Defied my needs, my wants
Ached me, angered me
Despised him

Sat among the pillars
Of my kingdom fallen
A trumpeting laugh
The missionary, the Angelic guard

Nine times alone
Then appeared before me
Destroyed my reign, my peace
I, once the beloved
He, now the favored.

The converted, the archangel
Dug deep into my side

I looked upon him with contempt
Saw a childlike mercy
A sorry
Loved him, forgave him
And by his swift grace
I was saved.